Who We are and What Do We Do?

Finlinson Properties are advisors with a focus on real estate and real estate development.We do not merely "take on" work, but immerse ourselves in selected projects, partnering with our clients to create the best end result—whether that is in working with you to strengthen your real estate portfolio, develop an office building or complex, or find a property that offers the greatest benefit long term.

Finlinson Properties’ residential developments are designed from the perspective of style, comfort and value.

Additionally, in working with homebuyers, Finlinson Properties offers the unique advantage of a full-spectrum understanding of real estate. With a keen understanding of trends and a clear overall picture of all areas of real estate, Finlinson Properties is uniquely positioned to assist homebuyers, even first-time buyers, to make smart investments.

Finlinson Properties has distinguished itself as a premier commercial brokerage.

Finlinson Properties has earned this distinction by working with investment partners and individual business owners to design and develop commercial complexes or offices that combine elegance, affordability, style and value.

In partnership with Pierpont Commerce Group, we have given vision, and a flair for the creative to a variety of development projects.